Restaurants In Mexico Serves The Best Food

Many first-time guests to Mexico are surprised by the large selection of restaurants available in the capital. After all, there are many wonderful restaurants in Mexico that offer a selection of different types of foods, but if you want to taste the local cuisine, feel to experience the foods, traditional Mexican. This often does not resemble Mexican meals served in America, Europe and Canada, instead it is a very complex cuisine that mostly draws on the traditions of the many people who have settled in and around Mexico City throughout its history.

One of the most important things to understand regarding the usual food offered by restaurants in Mexico is that it is centered around corn (corn) products. Which was the main bread crop, as Central America did not have wheat or barley crops to produce flour from. Therefore, products made from corn such as tortillas are often served instead of slices of bread or rolls with the meal. Corn and corn products developed from those grains are still some of the most popular starchy foods in the country, and even the best restaurants in Mexico will offer tortilla, tacos and other cornbread & baked chicken livers.

Another food with a long tradition of Mexican cooking is chocolate. In fact, the word itself comes from Aztec dishes, perhaps through the Nahuatl or Yucatec languages. What is certain is that many individuals of South America used chocolate in cooking, and was an essential component of both the Mayans and the Aztecs. Unlike hot European chocolate, the traditional Mexican dish is usually flavored with various products, including chili, vanilla and fruit. Even unlike in Europe, chocolate is not only used as a dessert ingredient by restaurants in Mexico, instead it is often used in sauces, especially the well-known Mole sauces.

Anyone who eats at the best restaurants in Mexico may expect to experience a variety of Mexican cuisine, often characterized by huge amounts of corn and sweet beans. This basic dish is then seasoned with cinnamon, chili, chipotle, garlic and herbs. Restaurants in Mexico in the North often serve this blend as an accompaniment to grilled meat, while southern states usually focus on chicken or vegetable dishes that are heavily spiced and resemble Caribbean flavors and cooking styles.

Includes kitchen Mexico has a long history, and anyone who goes to one of the many restaurants within the capital, or anywhere else in the country, will be able to experience the centuries of experimentation and additions that have occurred in the history of cooking in Mexico.

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